Natural skin care for natural beauty

The production takes place in our own factory in Gränna. Beautiful design soaps are created by hand in small batches. The recipes are designed with the greatest care and we are proud to offer one of Sweden’s finest natural cosmetics. We value that the raw materials are locally produced, organic and certified. Here, the therapeutic effect of medicinal plants is at the center. Each product contains generous amounts of caring oils, clays, extracts and essential oils.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards Winner

Firming body oil

Our absolutely most luxurious body product with organic, cold-pressed oils packed with vitamins and basically all omega.

Face Mask / Peel

Organic and vegan face mask and face peeling in the same jar. Moroccan lava clay, which is deep cleansing.

Saltvattentvålen No:1

Exclusive soaps from the finest ingredients of emollient and moisturizing shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil.
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