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Summer Time 500 ml

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Grevinnans Rum

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Summer Time is a lovely coconut soap with natural glycerin and lovely Dead Sea salt. It lathers in all water and is fantastic for the whole body and also works in the hair. The Dead Sea salt contains minerals that strengthen the skin. The salt is caught in large hangars and sun-dried, then ground into different sizes. We use the smallest 0.1-0.5 mm. The soap is lovely to peel the skin with if you wish, to peel the dog you hold the soap directly against the skin otherwise you lather it up between the palms. The soap is sky blue and inspired by sun, wind and water. Smells of sun-ripened warm peach, red grapefruit, wild cranberry, blackberry, cold luxurious bubble and a splash of the finest white musk.

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*Ekologisk råvara, **Naturligt förekommande i eteriska oljor och dofter.

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