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Genuine soap from the best organic raw materials available in a fantastic combination. Everything is made by hand in our small soap factory in the County of Gränna. The soap is made from scratch and produced in small batches. Everything is only selected from the best available. A tribute to the glamour, to the beautiful, to just enjoying life. Decide what you want yourself. Burlesque is a soap you like to dream about. It contains the same exquisite composition of oils and fats as several of our other exclusive soaps. Olive oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, castor oil. NO PALM OIL in our products. The color of the soap comes from mica and is the same color as the velvet drapes in the theater, gold and black glitter to enhance the glamor and luxury that we deserve. The fragrance is composed of the most exclusive amber, sandalwood and English rose. A slightly heavier scent that fits perfectly with the idea behind the soap. Decide for yourself who you are.


Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate* (saponified olive oil), sodium cocoate* (saponified coconut oil), sodium shea butterate* (saponified shea butter), glycerin (formed during saponification), sodium cocoa butterate* (saponified cocoa butter), parfum, sodium castorate* (saponified castor oil), CL 77891 (titanium oxide), CL 77019 (mica), Fluorphlogopite, citronellol**, Linalool**, Hexyl Cinnamal**, d-lemonene**,

*organic raw material **allergen in fragrance oil

about 160-170 gr

Vegan and palm oil free.
Not tested on animals.
Non-hormone-disrupting perfume.

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*Ekologisk råvara, **Naturligt förekommande i eteriska oljor och dofter.

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