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The lovely scent of Raspberry & Vanilla spreads even if the light is off. Otherwise, it smells like the most beautiful summer day. Sun-warmed raspberries and vanilla. The candle, like all our other scented candles, is handmade in the county of Gränna. Made from soy wax, as well as the finest fragrance oils. Of course, they are not hormone-disrupting, but simply fantastic.

The first time you use the scented candle, you should trim the wick to approx. 0.6 cm and let it burn so that the entire candle mirror melts.

The scented candle burns and smells wonderful for about 40 - 50 hours.

Never leave a candle unattended.

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*Ekologisk råvara, **Naturligt förekommande i eteriska oljor och dofter.

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