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Grevinnans Rum

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Our popular deo in cream form without aluminum chloride. Softening avocado butter, jojoba, vitiligo, tapioca, just a little bit of bicarbonate and selected ethereal scents that all have their own characteristics.

- SPA - for those who can't stand completely pure essential oils, but want to use a healthy and fresh deo without nonsense. Perfume oil for those who are extra sensitive.

- Bergamot - calms sweat production, reduces pores. Italian bergamot that is always suitable for all occasions.

- Patchouli - a grounding and calming herb, soul and mind, as well as the sweat glands. Popular with those who want a lot of fragrance.

Used: A small pea is smeared into the armpit or on the foot if desired. Where you feel you want reduced sweat production. You can use your fingers or a spatula, whichever suits you best. You must use clean fingers or a clean spatula. If irritation occurs, stop and wait a few days and try again. There can be setbacks if you haven't used deo without nonsense before. It is effective and there is a scent for everyone.

Essential oils can be strong for some. We manufacture organically and vegan in our small skin care factory in the County of Gränna


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*Ekologisk råvara, **Naturligt förekommande i eteriska oljor och dofter.

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