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A delicate salt scrub made by hand in the County of Gränna in our own factory. Salt from the Dead Sea that removes the dead skin cells that you don't need.

Use Saltscrub on dry skin for best results. You do not need to rinse off the salt, but can brush with your hand or a towel. Your skin will be as soft as it was when you were born.

Summer time salt scrubs are inspired by sun, wind and water. Smells of sun-ripened warm peach, red grapefruit, wild cranberry, blackberry, cold luxurious bubble and a splash of the finest white musk.
Manufactured by hand in Gränna.

Natural salt from the Dead Sea that has been used in baths for thousands of years for various skin problems. The salt is extracted through natural evaporation of the water. The salt is then sun-dried. No additives or chemicals are used during the crystallization process. The water in the Dead Sea contains 32-34% salt - compared to about 4% in other seas. It also contains 21 natural minerals such as magnesium, sodium and potassium chloride and calcium. When bathing with Dead Sea salt, the salt content should be as high as possible. The salt that we have in our Body scrub is from the Dead Sea and it is the most mineral-rich salt. It is unrefined and contains everything your skin needs. It is also moisturizing on the skin. We do not use water as filler in our body balms or in our body scrubs. We also do not have any preservatives or thickeners.

We have only used what the skin can take advantage of and which has been carefully selected for the absolute most sensitive skin types. Take a small amount, for example a tablespoon, scrub the body and rinse with lukewarm water. Your skin is left soft and smooth. You can also make a lovely bath for the body or just for the feet. Put a tablespoon in the bath water and sink in and enjoy. The salt dissolves in the water and the oils melt. The bath strengthens your body and the scents make you feel extra good.

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*Ekologisk råvara, **Naturligt förekommande i eteriska oljor och dofter.

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